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I am joined in this interview by Ludo Millar, CMO of Qualified Tutor and Director of the upcoming Love Tutoring Festival. I am very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Festival on Monday 28th June at 2 pm BST.

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Ludo Millar

Judy: Thank you Ludo for inviting me to speak at the festival. Please do tell us all about the Festival.

Ludo: The Love Tutoring Festival will bring together tutors, tutor-support services, teachers, educationalists, coaches and entrepreneurs from around the world (genuinely, we have all 6 continents represented!). Across 5 days of online events, ranging from expert demonstrations to participant-led workshops to keynote presentations from experts and thought-leaders in the field, we aim to give tutors of all levels and ages the opportunity to meet, connect, contribute, learn and leave with a sense of fulfilment and renewed optimism.

A first for many tutors and educators, we want to make this a special event that lives long in the memory (but only until January, when we’ll be launching LTF fig. 2!). Tutoring as a profession has come on leaps and bounds in the past 18 months – we want to celebrate and honour that development by creating an event that lives up to the new levels of recognition and respect tutoring has earned.

Judy: What made you organise the first-ever virtual tutors’ festival?

Ludo: The idea for the Festival was borne out of a sense of duty to serve tutors. This year, our profession has been more relied upon than ever. Tutors have been brought into our schools with the National Tutoring Programme (NTP). Parents have turned to tutors to support remote learning. In many cases, students have also relied on tutors to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Here at Qualified Tutor, we decided that, amongst the flurry of other festivals (mostly music and arts) being organised for this summer, tutors weren’t going to miss out.

The date for the Festival was chosen so as not to run into the sacred summer period for those involved in education. After one of the hardest years in education in living memory, it’s important that teachers, students and tutors are able to find time to take a breather this summer (although many won’t … but that’s just who we are!) – the date(s) of the Festival will hopefully ride on the high of the final term ending not long after but before we switch off for summer.

Judy: What is the format of the Festival?

Love Tutoring schedule infographic

Ludo: The Festival is split into daily themes, which will set a framework for the thinking and discussion of that day’s events. The themes for each day fell into place very neatly. We begin with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) & Mental Health on the Monday because this is central to the safety and support for both tutors and students in today’s tutoring industry.

The next day focuses in on an area that many tutors feel they need greater support in: the business of tutoring. How to market, how to get more students, how to find and keep great clients and tutors, how to run that incredible tutoring business you’d always dreamt of. 

Tutoring has at its core the foundations of teaching and learning. If we as tutors cannot master this area, then no amount of interactive learning games and outdoor sessions will be truly effective. And we’ve put on quite a line-up here …

No 5-day tutoring event this year would be complete without an exploration of the NTP, its main players and what the lessons have been. 

And finally, we build towards a new global initiative to celebrate the work of tutors: World Tutors’ Day. On Friday 2nd July, the final day of the Festival, we will be hosting events that aim to honour the work that tutors do, both across the days of the Festival but also every single day.

Our ‘fremium’ ticket model allows for tutors to join us for free (for 28 events) but also access all 6 of our famous CPD-accredited workshops for the cut price of only £68.

Oh, and family, friends and followers of Judy Brice can access a special 21% discount, using the code JUDYBRICE21 at checkout …

Judy: Thank you Ludo for offering such a generous discount to anyone reading this!

My speech is in the form of a Zoom group meeting. We will be discussing Maths Anxiety and Dyscalculia and it will have breakout rooms where you will be able to discuss the issues being raised.

Front slide of presntation

By the end of the hour you will have:

  • A better understanding of Maths Anxiety and Dyscalculia
  • Strategies of how to teach in a more practical and visual way that not just benefits Neurodiverse children but most children
  • Methods of teaching in a safe way that decreases Maths Anxiety
  • Ways to utilise online technology to enhance not just replicate face to face teaching
My Keynote speech at 2pm

Judy: Who is this Festival for?

Ludo: As an open-access online event, the Festival is open to anyone. Anyone who is committed to their area within tutoring and interested in learning more and contributing to the latest in the conversation.

For example, we invite anyone interested in picking up practical strategies in building mastery learning into their tutoring to attend Mary Myatt’s keynote event at 11 am on the Wednesday, 30th June. If you’d like to find out more from experts on how to deliver the most memorable and engaging first tutoring session every single time, we’ve got the perfect event for you: How to Smash Every First Tutoring Session on Wednesday evening at 7:15 pm. This is a CPD-accredited event in which you’ll learn alongside fellow attendees and receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your tutoring CV.

The Festival is for all tutors. The diversity within the industry is something to be celebrated in and of itself, and we want to ensure every attendee has the opportunity to have their voice heard in a supportive learning environment. Attendees are already getting to know each other in the Festival Hub, our online space for connecting attendees and speakers and for getting you all the information you need to maximise your participation.

Of course, I couldn’t finish without mentioning MentorJr. Founder, Jessie Pitsillides’ event, a Gratitude Circle to bring the entire Festival to a close on Friday 2nd July at 5:15pm. If you are currently a student tutor, this event will teach you how to make the most out of what you do and inspire you to continue to improve outcomes for your students.

Judy: When is it running?

Ludo: The Festival is running from Monday 28th June until Friday 2nd July (World Tutors’ Day!), with each day starting at 9 am and ending at around 9:45 pm (with the Late Night Lives with Ludo).

Judy: How do people get tickets?

Ludo: You can find all the ticket information, including more info about the suite of 6 CPD-accredited workshops, at Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be invited to join the Festival Hub within the Qualified Tutor Community.

Let me tell you, it’s an exciting place to be right now …

Judy: Thank you so much Ludo, I am really looking forward to the whole week!

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