Jackpot Maths

Jackpot Maths: For Advanced Tutoring and Business Growth

Jackpot Maths: For Advanced Tutoring and Business Growth

Discover Jackpot Maths, a crucial part of JMB Educational Services Ltd. I, Judy Brice, combine my expertise in teaching maths to children, particularly those with Maths Anxiety and who are Neurodivergent, with a passion for mentoring, coaching, and training other tutors. It’s about enhancing your abilities in teaching maths to Neurodivergent students and refining your business skills. At Jackpot Maths, I go beyond just teaching maths; I’m here to elevate your tutoring career and your business skills.

My Mission at Jackpot Maths: Empowering Tutors for Excellence

Understanding the unique challenges and rewards of teaching Neurodivergent students, my mission at Jackpot Maths is to empower tutors with specialised training and business guidance tailored to their specific needs. If you’re a tutor and curious about expanding your skills and business, I invite you to explore my dedicated Jackpot Maths website.

Why Partner with Me?

  1. From My Experience to Yours: Benefit from my extensive experience in teaching and tutoring, both online and in the classroom. My innovative methods are especially effective for Neurodivergent students.
  2. Elevating Your Tutoring Skills: My courses and resources are designed to help you teach Neurodivergent students more effectively, thus elevating your tutoring quality and your students’ learning experience.
  3. Business Coaching and Mentoring: Having navigated the challenges of being Neurodivergent and self-employed, I offer practical and empathetic guidance. I help you transition your tutoring from a side hustle to a full-fledged, professional business. Learn to value your services appropriately, set up efficient systems and automations, and take control of your client acquisition and retention.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your existing tutoring business, I am here to support your journey. Explore how I can help you enhance your tutoring skills and manage a thriving business at Jackpot Maths.

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