Using Coloured Counters to Teach Prime Numbers: My Experience at MathsConf31

Looking back at MathsConf31 in Bracknell

In March, I travelled to the latest MathsConf for a brilliant day of top-quality CPD organised by La Salle Complete Maths.

Prime Numbers

One of the sessions that stood out to me was run by Jason Gottfried from

Jason’s session was about using coloured counters to represent prime numbers and linking them together to form other numbers. It was an inspiring session that showed me how to make mathematics fun and engaging for my students. I found it particularly useful as it gave me a new tool to use in my tutoring to teach prime numbers and how they work.

Maths by Colour - a deck of cards. mathsconf31

After attending the conference, I was lucky enough to be invited onto Dave Taylor’s podcast Teaching Together to discuss this session and share my thoughts on its value for maths educators. It was a great experience to speak with Dave and to share my excitement about this innovative approach to teaching mathematics.

Overall, MathsConf31 was a fantastic experience that allowed me to learn from experts in the field and connect with other educators who share my passion for teaching mathematics. I highly recommend attending future MathsConf events to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.

The next MathConf is in Derby on Saturday, June 24th. for tickets.

I can be heard on Dave Taylor’s podcast Teaching Together discussing Jason’s session I attended.

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